Idaho Commerce awarded two grants to the Idaho Commission for Libraries, totaling $1.8 million.

These two grants served 47 rural Idaho libraries and communities, leading to the installation and configuration of new state-of-the-art network equipment capable of both indoor and outdoor wireless access.

As a result of the grants, these communities now benefit from reliable open wireless internet, available 24-hours every day, seven days a week from their public libraries.

Broadband being set up in the Payette Public Library

Community members that need access to websites and online resources for employment, telework, virtual learning and health care can now connect to the internet regardless of any economic hardship or lack of access at their home or work.

During a time that requires schools, offices and businesses to operate partially or even fully virtually, this enhanced public wireless access available from libraries will ensure that Idahoans have a reliable place to connect to the internet whenever they need while practicing safe physical distancing outdoors or in their own vehicles in a library parking lot.


“ This project is a huge opportunity for Payette. Seeing people pressed against the building windows in the evening trying to get a good signal was always disheartening. This project allows more students to complete their schoolwork, more job seekers to apply for employment and more members of all ages in the community to explore education using the internet.” – Payette Public Library Director, Clay Ritter


Learn more about the Idaho Broadband Grant Program here.

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