The City of Picabo was underserved with limited broadband, leading the city to seek a partnership with SafeLink to improve its broadband service.

Currently, the Picabo community has a population of 128 people and serves as a bedroom community for the broader Wood River Valley.

The project provided internet access to Picabo’s rural airport and fire district, as well as 53 homes in the area.

According to the city, the impact on the community has been “more than huge” and Picabo residents are ‘thrilled, almost in disbelief” of the new service in the area. Because of its location, broadband internet has been historically spotty in Picabo. This is a “game-changer” for this unincorporated community.


I could not be more thrilled about receiving this grant. This is a win not just for our communities, but for county-wide cooperation and collaboration.”

– Carey-Picabo Chamber of Commerce President, Mike Higgs


Learn more about the Idaho Broadband Grant Program here.

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