As the lead economic development agency for the State of Idaho, the mission of Idaho Commerce is to create jobs, strengthen communities and market the state by:

  1. Building the economy by assisting the growth of existing Idaho businesses and attracting new businesses to the state
  2. Assisting Idaho businesses in the exportation of goods and services to nations throughout the world
  3. Cultivating the development of new businesses and job opportunities across all industry sectors
  4. Expanding Idaho’s tourism and recreation industries
  5. Creating partnerships between the private sector and universities though innovation programs

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Idaho Commerce Management Directory

Jeffery Sayer 



Contact Director Sayer’s Executive Assistant, Megan Hill, with any inquiries. 


Megan Ronk

Chief Operations Officer; Public Information Officer


Contact Megan for all legislative relations, and financial and administrative affairs.


Matt Borud

Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer


Contact Matt for information regarding national outreach, tourism, department marketing, and the IGEM grant.


Chrissy Bowers

Chief Industry & Community Services Officer


Contact Chrissy for questions regarding Idaho business services, community grants, general international services, and Idaho PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center).


Susie Davidson

Business Attraction Manager


Contact Susie if you are a business, or site selector, looking for information about expanding or relocating to the state of Idaho.


Diane Norton

Tourism Manager


Contact Diane for all Idaho Tourism questions, as well as any or Idaho Travel Council grant questions.


Jennifer Verdon

International Trade Manager


Contact Jennifer for information about exporting, the State Trade and Export Promotion Grant, Idaho’s international trade offices, and export services.


Dennis Porter

Community Development Manager


Contact Dennis with all questions regarding Community Development Block Grant and Rural Community Block Grant.


Carmen Achabal

IGEM Program Manager


Contact Carmen with all Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) inquiries or for information on Idaho university research and our state’s innovation ecosystem.


Kayla Ruiz

Public Information Specialist


Contact Kayla with all media inquiries, public records requests, and questions about Idaho Commerce marketing and advertising.


General Commerce Information