Cookies have long been an important tool to measure campaign performance and analytics. As third-party cookies are phased out in 2023 and first-party data becomes even more vital, it will be important for digital marketers across Idaho to understand the impacts of the changes and how to best adjust.

Visit Idaho, in conjunction with Madden Media and other valued partners, hosted a 5-part webinar series to explain the upcoming changes and strategies to adapt.

Crash Course on Cookies | Webinar #1

On January 20, Hannah Chute, Media Director at Madden Media, presented a crash course around cookie depreciation and the differences between first-party and third-party cookies along with recommendations for tourism partners.

Crash Course on Cookies | Webinar #3

On February 3, Timothy Pogge, Sales Engineer Supervisor at SharpSpring by Constant Contact addressed the impacts of the end of 3rd party cookies, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection updates, and data privacy regulations that are being passed internationally as well as domestically. He discusses the importance of inbound marketing, consent-based marketing, segmentation, engagement, and dynamic content to improve conversion rates and help marketers navigate through challenging times.

Crash Course on Cookies | Webinar #5

As we conclude our webinar series on cookies, data and privacy, our fifth and final webinar will offer tips you can use right now to kickstart your content strategy. Presenter Andrea Rayburn, with Visit Idaho, addresses the importance of consistency and quality in content, how to take advantage of simple trends, how to repurpose your printed collateral and what you can do to be better than Google. Hannah Chute, with Madden Media, offers key takeaways from the five-week series that will set you on the right planning path for the cookie-less future.

Crash Course on Cookies | Webinar #2

On January 27, Dave Goulden, Vice President of Product at Sojern, discussed the different solutions that replace 3rd party cookies and how each will support advertisers. Dave covers the three pillars to Sojern’s cookieless solution — hashed emails, 1st party cookie IDs, and historical booking data — and discusses steps to take today to begin preparing and implementing these solutions.

Crash Course on Cookies | Webinar #4

The February 10 webinar features David Chastain, Vice President of Tourism at Epsilon. He addresses what will replace third-party cookies, how first-party data can be leveraged and tips you can use to better personalize your content for your target audience.