For more than 100 years, Idaho has made a name for itself as an agricultural state with abundant natural resources.

Farming legends like J.R. Simplot have transformed Idaho from a simple agricultural producer into an agribusiness powerhouse where food production businesses thrive. With a low-cost, pro-business climate, the second-lowest power costs in the country, and industrial rates that are 40% less than the national average, operating in Idaho makes sense for any company looking to produce world-class food products.

We may be known for our potatoes, but Idaho is much more than just spuds. Every year, our farmers and producers account for an extremely diverse set of crops, seeds, dairy products, cattle and other livestock, wine, and beer. If only Idahoans ate everything we produced, we would each have to consume 219 slices of bread, 44 potatoes, 40 glasses of milk, an 8-ounce steak (or 2 1/4 burgers), 2 onions, and 2 cups of beans EVERY DAY!

Food Production Industry one-sheet

Idaho is 7th in the US for agricultural goods and food product exports per capita. Here’s how Idaho stacks up against the rest of the country:

  • #1 producer of potatoes (29% of US market)
  • #1 producer of trout (72% of US market)
  • #2 producer of peas, hops, and barley
  • #3 producer of hay, sugar beets, mint, plums, and prunes
  • #3 producer of cheese and milk products

Food Production in Idaho

  • 2,000Establishments
  • 44,400Jobs
  • $46,100Average Yearly Earnings
  • 8%10-Year Projected Growth Rate
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