June 28, 2017




SmaK Plastics, Inc. of Vancouver, WA Expands with Smak Products, Inc Facility in Hayden

SmaK Plastics, Inc., manufacturer of rotationally molded plastic bins and bin liners, pallets, tanks, and hoppers, has opened a facility in Hayden, Idaho. The business, SmaK Products, Inc is the second facility operated by SmaK Plastics, Inc., creating about 45 new jobs in the area and approximately $10.2 million in wages over the next seven years.

When asked about the primary factors in his decision to open a second site, Jon Smalley, President and CEO of SmaK Plastics, Inc., said “A lot of things happened that made this expansion a perfect fit. The availability of an existing business with a complete line of operational equipment that matches with our existing business was ideal. The business-friendly environment of Coeur d’Alene along with the assistance of the Panhandle Area Council and Coeur d’Alene Area EDC–Jobs Plus has made this move a lot less challenging than previous endeavors.“

The business is located in a facility formerly occupied by a company that owned rotational equipment. When the business closed, Panhandle Area Council (PAC) inherited the assets and contacted possible buyers. When Jon Smalley came to Idaho to check out the equipment, PAC Executive Director, Wally Jacobson, suggested an expansion versus moving the equipment. “Considering all the pluses of doing business in Idaho, it just made sense to ask Jon if he would consider expanding here with the existing equipment already in place,” stated Jacobson.

“The State of Idaho Department of Commerce was extremely helpful in the Tax Reimbursement Incentive application process, making the expansion a viable option for the growing business,” said Coeur d’ Alene Economic Development Corporation President Gynii Gilliam.  “The incentive programs truly are key in helping businesses expand by offsetting costs. These programs are invaluable in job creation in Idaho,” she stated.

“We are thrilled that SmaK has chosen to expand into Idaho and bring these new job opportunities to the booming advanced manufacturing sector in our state,” said Megan Ronk, Director of Idaho Commerce.

Hayden Mayor, Steve Griffitts, commented, “I am excited SmaK Products, Inc has chosen to join our community.  I look forward to having this successful business in Hayden and congratulate them on their expansion.”

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