Weiser, Idaho – Washington County and Snake River Economic Development Alliance, along with the Idaho Department of Commerce, are pleased to announce that Intrinsic Organics will be breaking ground on a new state of the art facility in Weiser, Idaho on June 6th 2017.

County Commissioner Tom Anderson asked SREDA to reach out to the company early on when the company was trying to find a location for their facility. “Commissioner Anderson had read that a nearby county had not been receptive to the company,” Kit Kamo, SREDA Executive Director recalled, “and he said that a value-added agricultural business like that would be a great fit for our county.”

According to CEO Sot Chimonas Intrinsic Organics will be hiring mid to highly skilled employees to work at the facility and anticipates 20 new hires in the first year. Local farmers have been contracted to grow SunSpuds™. Chimonas said, “Our thanks to Washington County for welcoming us in Weiser. We are very excited to be developing our project in this area of the great state of Idaho”.

SREDA Chairman Patrick Nauman is happy to welcome this unique business to Washington County. “The jobs that this company creates will provide great opportunities for our local residents as well as for those who have moved away and want to return to our region.” Nauman continued. “And the Agricultural impact and opportunity for our local farmers is another big plus.”

More about Intrinsic Organics

Intrinsic Organics will become the first domestically produced organic inulin supplier in the USA with the crops being grown in Idaho.

With the help of the University of Idaho and the University of Maine, SunSpuds™ Intrinsic Organic’s proprietary tubers, are a non-GMO variety of the Jerusalem Artichoke plant that has been extensively researched for nearly 12 years.

As further information about healthy eating continues to be published, more and more people are making conscious decisions about what kinds of foods they want to put into their bodies. At Intrinsic Organics, the mission to GROW AND EXTRACT ORGANIC FOOD INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE’S COMPLEX RESOURCES aims to satisfy the growing desire for healthier foods in every industry.

Intrinsic Organic’s Vice President of Marketing Devin Limb said, “There is a need for organic food ingredients to be locally grown and naturally processed and we wanted to control the organic chain from soil preparation to the final process. The US is currently importing over 50 million pounds of inulin per year and Intrinsic is positioned to be the first to domestically grow and produce organic inulin.”

To learn more about this project please visit www.intrinsicorganics.com.


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