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Contact: Cody Allred
Idaho Commerce

Idaho Department of Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Recipient

BOISE, Idaho (March 8, 2022) – Idaho Commerce is pleased to announce the latest recipient of an Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) grant.

The IGEM Council awarded the University of Idaho with a grant in the amount of $348,241 to assist industry partner, Idaho Strategic Resources with research and development on a new drilling and extraction technique for rare earth elements. This research project leverages collaboration between Idaho Strategic Resources, Idaho Geological Survey, Idaho National Laboratory, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, and Idaho’s land grant university, the University of Idaho.

“This project capitalizes on the university’s research strengths in mining, as well as utilizing key partnerships and expertise around the state,” Idaho Commerce Director Tom Kealey said. “The outcome of this IGEM public-private research project could have a profound economic impact on Idaho’s mining industry.” 

This fiscal year, the IGEM Council has awarded $508,598 for research to commercialize innovations that benefit Idaho and beyond. IGEM funds are awarded to Idaho public research universities to partner with industry leaders on research projects geared toward commercialization.

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