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Idaho Delegation to Attend the International Paris Air Show
The air show will take place in France, June 19-25
BOISE, Idaho—Thursday, June 8, 2017— An Idaho delegation led by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter will travel to France for the International Paris Air Show, June 19-25. The Governor will be joined by an Idaho Department of Commerce team and representatives from 11 Idaho-based companies in the aerospace industry. Following the success of the Idaho Pavilion at the Farnborough Air Show in 2016, and the large Idaho delegation exhibiting at this year’s Paris Air Show, Governor Otter has pledged his support to Idaho companies by attending the show and assisting in business meetings.

“The Paris Air Show is a great opportunity for Idaho to show the world that we are about much more than what the French call ‘pom frites.’ Idaho businesses are producing state-of-the-art aerospace, defense and technology products,” Governor Otter said. “Idaho’s aviation industry has grown by almost 40 percent over the past two decades and is building a critical mass of companies that are capitalizing on a talent pool related to Idaho’s proximity Boeing. That’s no small potatoes.”

The Paris Air Show is the world’s oldest and largest aerospace exposition. The event takes place every two years and attracted over 350,000 trade visits from around the globe in 2015. Alongside 2,300 companies from almost four dozen countries, Idaho exhibitors will have the opportunity to generate new sales leads, promote their companies, meet existing clients, network within the industry, and meet military and civil aviation delegations. It is estimated that the Paris Air Show will generate over $1 million in revenue for Idaho companies.

“Being able to support these 11 Idaho aerospace companies at such a prestigious international air show is a tremendous honor and we are excited to showcase all of the research, innovation and world-class products that are putting Idaho’s aerospace industry on the map,” Idaho Department of Commerce Director Megan Ronk said. “At the Paris Air Show, we will host a reception featuring Idaho-made products from Grand Teton Distillery, 44º North Vodka, and Lactalis, where we will honor valued partners of the State of Idaho and our companies.”

The companies joining the Commerce team in the Idaho Pavilion include:

AeroLEDs designs and manufactures all LED aircraft lighting solutions and was founded out of necessity to fill a void of high-output/low-power applications for the Experimental/Special Use aircraft with limited electrical system capabilities. LEDs allow consistent light output at various voltage levels, which initiated the discussions about using LED technology to create aircraft LED landing lights, aircraft LED strobe lights, and LED position lights to greatly reduce current draw and maintenance, by eliminating bulb replacements. Innovation and engineering are the cornerstone components of AeroLEDs.

AERO Specialties provides complete aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) solutions to corporate, FBO, MRO, military, airline, and general aviation customers. AERO manufactures and distributes industrial-grade, high-quality new, used and refurbished aircraft GSE, including Towbars & Heads, Oxygen & Nitrogen Systems, Lavatory & Potable Water Carts, Ground Power Units (GPU), Stairs & Stands, Tractors & Tugs, Hydraulic Service Systems, Ramp Safety Equipment, and much more. AERO Specialties is the leader in supplying the highest quality and most affordable ground support equipment available. With roughly 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of ground support equipment, AERO has a loyal customer base of over 21,000 clients who rely on them to provide their GSE needs.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited was established to safeguard the men and women that serve, protect, rescue, and defend with innovative night vision imaging systems. ASU brought military night vision technology to the civil aviation market more than 20 years ago and has grown to offer cutting-edge night vision solutions through design, manufacturing, installation, certification, sales, training and service to both aviation and ground markets around the world.

Black Sage Technologies aims to protect critical facilities, crowds, and VIPs against the threat of malicious UAS with a ruggedized, lightweight, fully automatic CUAS system. When lives, safety and security are at stake, there’s no room for human error. This is why Black Sage’s UASX system uses AI target classification, video tracking and multiple target prioritization to automate the CUAS detect-identify-defeat process—relentlessly operating, 24/7. Low SWaP sensors, camera systems, and effectors; combined with outstanding software deliver software deliver greater capability at significantly lower costs than found from large defense contractors.

Blue Wolf is a leading designer and manufacturer of durable NVIS, NVG, and standard lighting products for government agencies and military and law enforcement organizations (LEO) worldwide. Blue Wolf ruggedized lights withstand extreme conditions, vibrations and temperatures and can provide constant light output. The lights also have full 0 to 100% PWM dimming ability, an LED life span of more than 40,000 hours and have dual mode capability based on customer requirements. Blue Wolf’s durable LED products are both compact and light-weight and can also be easily OEM installed or retrofitted. Blue Wolf also offers engineering and design staff to rapidly prototype and develop customized products required by end customers.

G-Zero developed as a vehicle to build machined parts to spec with consideration of budget, quality, consistency and production. Building on a culture demanding excellence from all employees in conjunction with strong ethical foundations, the company positions itself toward balance between business and personal endeavors. Maintaining quality and meeting deadlines are the mainstays of corporate culture. Vendors and customers alike share their praise for G Zero. Entirely self-funded, G Zero is growing its customer base in the aerospace, medical, and semiconductor sectors at a managed pace and adds machines and new technology in response to growth via normal distribution methods.

PKG is a contract design, development and manufacturing company for a system level product design with expertise in human machine interfaces. Any time there is a critical connection between human and machine, PKG provides bundle of solutions including hardware and software to ensure seamless interactions between two are met. From product inception, development, prototyping, full production, servicing and repairs PKG has been serving Medical, Industrial, Aerospace and Government markets for almost thirty years. Our products expertise range from diagnostics, imaging, life saving and treatment devices, laboratory equipment, aircraft cabin controls, unmanned vehicle displays, remote controls. Our technologies and processes consist of touch sensors, display enhancement, flexible circuits, PCB and PCBA, machining, cables, final assembly and testing, life product testing and more.

Soar USA and Intrinsic Soar USA is an independent consulting firm specializing in strategy and business development within both commercial and military aerospace sectors. They are partnered with Intrinsic, a technology services and product development company creating cloud-based solutions for the aerospace industry. Intrinsic specializes in building secure applications with cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data storage, and messaging services. It also has expertise in managing aerospace software complexities and solving complex business challenges with leading edge cloud technology.

Tamarack Aerospace Group designs and develops innovative technology for business, commercial, and military aircrafts, specializing in revolutionary active winglets. Easy to install, Tamarack winglets create unsurpassed performance and fuel efficiencies, making aircraft more cost effective for operators and reducing CO2 gas emissions. Tamarack Aerospace has certified the next generation of winglets, which are three to four times more efficient than previous types. The patented design, ‘Active Technology Load Alleviation System’ or ATLAS™, is made up of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, and a load alleviation system that counteracts the additional loads induced by the winglet in rare peak-loading events such as a gust or maneuver. This means that heavy wing reinforcement is not required, thus increasing efficiency and significantly reducing retrofit times. ATLAS™ Active Winglets are scalable and can be installed on any aircraft type.

Unitech Composites provides the aerospace and defense industries with tooling, composite and metallic structures and components that meet demanding and complex requirements. The company’s growing global footprint is comprised of strategically located sites providing local and immediate support to customers. Our solutions focus on rate production with design, development and process engineering making us the industry’s reliable lifecycle partner. Our capabilities include composite manufacturing, metal fabrication, tooling design and production and design and engineering with extensive experience in defense and marine products and nuclear manufacturing. Unitech Aerospace had the honor of being named 2016 Rolls-Royce Fabrications Supplier of the Year.

Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, is one of the largest parts distributors in the world with over 25 years of parts experience you can rely on. They stock over 18,000 FAA-approved line items, rotable components, and modification kits, with $10 million of parts inventory, ready to deliver in 24 hours or less. In addition to their stock of inventory, Western Aircraft has access to hundreds of thousands of other parts, components, used avionics, and rotables via OEMs and other Greenwich AeroGroup-owned companies such as Professional Aviation Associates, and Professional Aircraft Accessories. Western Aircraft is a full-service FBO, FAA-certified aircraft repair station, and an authorized service center and parts distributor for many OEM’s.

Attendees of the Paris Air Show can visit the Idaho Pavilion located in Hall 3 of the U.S.A. Pavilion, Stand D158.


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Idaho – a state with natural beauty and an exceptional array of recreational opportunities – is truly a magnificent place to live and work. Idaho offers a quality of life that is dreamed of by most and sought after by many. Our vast airspace and technological capabilities make Idaho uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the research, development, manufacturing and testing of aviation-related products. Companies have realized that the state’s proximity to several large international airports, coupled with our competitive business climate, make Idaho an ideal place to do business.

• Idaho’s aerospace industry has grown by nearly 40% over the past 20 years.

• Idaho’s aerospace businesses span aircraft operations; maintenance; parts manufacturing; and aircraft assembly.

• Idaho is home to more than 200 aerospace companies, 25 of which are manufacturers of parts and products.

• Idaho’s proximity to Boeing production facilities and operations means that we’re strategically positioned to play an increased role in the company’s extensive supply and value chains.

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