A Place Where Dealmaking Isn’t Small Potatoes

Idaho is known for producing potatoes, but agriculture, in general, has been a driving force behind dealmaking in the state, from the sale of a goat semen distributor to an auction for a processor of gourmet pickles.

“It’s a state of farmers,” according to Cheryl Thompson, an M&A attorney with Holland & Hart LLP in Boise, the state capital. “As far as agricultural businesses here, Idaho is prime for a future M&A market.”

Because the majority of agribusinesses are owned by families or small operators, such companies become natural targets for acquirers and private equity investors as they grow.

“Historically, the food and beverage business is the largest by volume,” said Arthur Berry, owner of Arthur Berry & Co., the state’s largest and oldest business brokerage firm. “There are more of those that sell than any particular type.”

But Idaho business brokers are finding sale opportunities are emerging in other sectors, too.

For example, many of the assignments they are getting are from people looking to relocate to the state.

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