BLOG: House Panel Clears Economic Council Changes Over Tax Credit Concerns

The House Commerce and Human Resources Committee cleared a bill Tuesday to add one member to the Economic Advisory Council and pay them $50 each day they work.

Department of Commerce Director Jeff Sayer said the board’s members have more work to do now due to the Tax Reimbursement Incentive program that was created in 2014 and which the council now administers. Members are working for free now.

“There are some really sharp business leaders from their regions who come and give us their time, and we can’t even buy them dinner,” Sayer said.

Sayer said adding an extra member — seven from different regions of the state and one at-large, instead of six regional representatives — would help with his goal of increasing the amount of voices and debate on the council, making it less of a rubber stamp for department recommendations. He said he has been pleased with the changes in the way the council does business so far.


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