Where Food Innovation Takes Root

Idaho may be known for its spuds but its roots in agriculture and food production run much deeper.
This is the big leagues of the food industry and the proud home to a long line of farm and food innovators.

Farming legends like J.R. Simplot have transformed Idaho from a simple agricultural producer into a global powerhouse where businesses can thrive.

Several major food companies have moved their operations to the state: dairy producers, potato processors, energy bar makers and fruit product manufacturers call Idaho home.

Quick Facts

$2.9 billion GDP (2023)

Idaho’s food processing industry generated $2.9 billion in GDP for the state.

19,453 jobs

The food processing industry employs over 19,000 across the state. On average, nearly 5.4% of the state’s total workforce are employed in agriculture and food processing. Idaho ranks in the top three states nationally for a number of food machine operators, food producers and food batch makers in relation to population.

Source: Emsi Lightcast, 2023

$73,946 average wage

The food processing industry has an average wage of $73,946.

Idaho produces over 185 different agricultural products.

Idaho produces over 185 different agriculture products and processed goods including dairy, potatoes, meat, frozen fruits and vegetables and specialty foods.

Source: Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA)

Food Processors in Idaho


Chobani, the renowned yogurt company, has established a significant presence in Idaho, contributing to the state’s agricultural landscape and economy. Chobani opened its largest yogurt production facility in Twin Falls, Idaho, in 2012.

Lamb Weston

Since 1961, Lamb Weston has been a staple in Idaho.

As the leading producer of frozen French fries, Lamb Weston has grown considerably over the years but has continued its presence in Southeast Idaho.

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GoGo SqueeZ

GoGo SqueeZ has a long history in Idaho, establishing its second domestic plant in Nampa more than eight years ago. The company, which is the flagship brand of Materne North America, produces squeezable fruit-based snacks.

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