Cookie Phase-Out Series / Session 2 of 5

As we continue our webinar series on cookies, data and privacy, our second webinar will focus on what the changes mean for travel marketers and advertising. 

Dave Goulden, Vice President of Product at Sojern, is an ad tech industry veteran, having led product and client development for some of the top digital marketing and technology companies. Prior to Sojern, he held client and product development roles working for recognized technology and media companies including OneMarket, Conversant, Zuberance, Claria and Intuit. 

This webinar will discuss the different solutions that replace 3rd party cookies and how each will support advertisers. Dave will cover the three pillars to Sojern’s cookieless solution — hashed emails, 1st party cookie IDs, and historical booking data — and discuss steps to take today to begin preparing and implementing these solutions.

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