Bio Asia Taiwan 2021 will take place in Taiwan on November 4-7 and is one of Asia’s largest biotech events for products and equipment which are bio-related, health products with bio elements for kids, elderly people and general consumers.

Taiwan is a leading biomedical industry hub for Southeast Asia with strong demands from direct consumers and institutions and has robust R&D, manufacturing and sales opportunities.

Idaho Commerce is providing Idaho biotech businesses looking to expand sales and build international relationships the opportunity to participate by covering 100% of booth costs.

Participants can choose to attend the event in person or have the Idaho-Asia Trade Office represent their company.

Participants will be able to connect with regional businesses that can increase their growth in the market, discover or strengthen existing international relationships and develop a deeper understanding of these markets.

This is a STEP-funded opportunity.

Only TWO spots remain, so apply now! To learn more and how to apply, contact Sharon Adams at Idaho Commerce.

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