Be The Entrepreneur Bootcampin an intense five-day hands-on training program designed to: accelerate the development of business models; test the viability of products and ideas; identify funding options; prepare entrepreneurs for business plans and investor pitches; provide cutting-edge marketing and customer acquisition strategies; and guide participants towards a lean and effective launch.

The goals of the bootcamp are to:

  • empower entrepreneurs with a toolbox full of new business skills and analytical abilities
  • advance a new venture’s prospects with a solid business model, plan for financing and growth, and strategy for going to market
  • vest BTE Bootcamp graduates with invaluable skills, experiences, and lasting network relationships with instructors, coaches,mentors, and other BTE participants.

Participants will:

  • Examine their entrepreneurial potential and fit
  • Discover what it takes to create a successful startup
  • Develop, evaluate, and analyze the viability of ideas
  • Assess industries and markets
  • Create solid business models and develop lean startup strategies
  • Understand how to capitalize on opportunities through design thinking, rapid iteration, and minimal viable product strategies
  • Gain tools and training for financial management and scaling decision
  • Focus on customer-centric perspectives and conversion of market segments to profit
  • Cultivate multiple financing options and learn The Art of the Pitch
  • Build brand-image and exploit cutting-edge marketing strategies
  • Learn how to assemble a quality entrepreneurial team

Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp participants will discover entrepreneurial mindsets, turn ideas into opportunities, and build business models aimed at launch. Aspiring entrepreneurs should join us to learn from industry experts, entrepreneurs, research scientists, academics, business mentors, and coaches at the Palouse Knowledge CorridorBe the Entrepreneur Bootcamp, June 14-18 2015 in Moscow, Idaho, and Pullman, Washington, and on the campuses of the University of Idaho and Washington State University.

View full agenda and register here.

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