For Scott Fischer, joining Melt Organic wasn’t just another job. Instead, it was personal.

After a successful career in Silicon Valley, Fischer moved back to Boise, where, taking part in his favorite recreational activities, he suffered a heart attack.

The heart attack was a wake-up call, and Fischer started experimenting with plant-based foods. Soon after, in a match that couldn’t have been more perfectly made, Melt Organic was in search of a new CEO.

Melt Organic is a non-dairy plant-based national butter brand, and with Fischer’s previous experience and success eating plant-based foods, he took the job and channeled his newfound passion into the brand.

“What a wonderful opportunity it’s been for me, who had already experienced that plant-based diet and what great value it had, in terms of me getting to the right weight, and getting the right cholesterol levels in my blood and really starting to feel great,” Fischer said.

Now, Melt Organic is sold in stores across the United States and Canada and is even introducing new products to the market, like their line of spreadable non-dairy cheese.

“Our mission is to inspire others to do better starting with the food on their plate, so we continue to work on new foods to introduce into the market once that are organic, plant-based and good for you,” Fischer said.

Fischer attributes the company’s success to this strong mission, but also where the company is located.

“I think our employees are happier here in Idaho, the productivity shows,” Fischer said. “You can’t discount the fact that Boise is a business-friendly city and Idaho is a business-friendly state. The rules and regulations here are common sense, but they’re not overwhelming. We are able to get a lot of things done both from the labor side and from real estate. We found it very easy to set up and get started. The labor rates here are very friendly, and that allows us to be able to hire good people and produce products at a cost that’s reasonable.”

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