Work completed in the City of Payette. Farmers Mutual Telephone Company and the City of Payette utilized grant funds to bring internet connectivity to municipal facilities in the city.

Critical facilities that were most directly impacted by the scope of this project, include the Payette Police and Fire Department.

Not only was internet connectivity provided to these facilities, but surveillance cameras, license plate recognition technology and high definition video feeds were installed for first responders. This ensures that first responders are better able to serve the community of Payette and communicate with one another.

According to the city, both the Police and Fire Departments were elated to have received this grant. The personnel in both departments work incredibly hard and this new technology is beneficial to them in many ways.

This grant will allow the city to provide hotspots to underserved areas in the community and has become a selling point for businesses, obtaining the connectivity that modern commerce demands.


“This grant opportunity is the backbone of what we hope to be a future expansion of fiber broadband connectivity to all underserved areas in our community.” – Payette City Officials


Learn more about the Idaho Broadband Grant Program here.

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