Work completed in Hazelton.

Located on the Snake River Plain in South-central Idaho, the City of Hazelton is a small rural community in Jerome County.

The City of Hazelton, partnered with Tekfinity to enhance broadband access in the area. According to city officials, three of the largest businesses within the city told the Mayor and council members that without adequate internet service, they would not be able to remain in the community.

Furthermore, before connectivity was improved, parents were taking children to school grounds as they didn’t have access to adequate internet service in their homes, and local emergency service providers were forced to use their cell phones since their internet was so slow.

This project had a significant impact on the households, public service organizations and businesses in the city alike. The residents and organizations in Hazelton are now provided with unlimited internet capacity, reaching many residents who previously had DSL or unreliable internet.


“There were laughs, sighs and a few cries but now we can thank our State and ISP partners for this opportunity.” – City of Hazelton Officials


Learn more about the Idaho Broadband Grant Program here.

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