This project, done in partnership with Tekfinity, enabled internet connectivity to critical infrastructure in the City of Emmett.

Prior to the project, the Emmett City Fire Station, the Gem County Fire District #1 station, the City of Emmett Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Industrial Park water well and sewer lift station facility did not have fiber optic connectivity which is critical to daily operations.

As part of this project, internet connectivity was provided to these critical facilities and fiber optic communication huts were installed in two of the sites. Having these huts allows for existing and new private providers to mount their equipment and provide service to the surrounding areas.

Work completed in the City of EmmettThe project also led to the installation of four public Wi-Fi hot spots. These hot spots will enable citizens to stay connected to telework as well as participate in distance learning for education.

The completed work filled the gap for high speed, remote telework for several government employees and brought the area the connectivity it needed.

City officials state they have already seen direct benefits from this project. The Emmett Municipal Airport is in close proximity to where the internet was installed. Recently, officials were notified that the Payette River Technical Academy would be constructing a large hangar at the airport to offer Aeronautics classes for high school-aged students.


“None of this would have been financially feasible for any involved without this grant. Thank You.” – Emmett City Officials


Learn more about the Idaho Broadband Grant Program here.

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