The City of Clark Fork and Kaniksu Networks were awarded a grant to improve internet in homes and businesses in the city.

Key public service facilities were connected through this project, including the Clark Fork Fire Department, Clark Fork Valley Ambulance and City Hall, allowing for better communication for city and emergency services.

Not only did the project provide a much-needed improvement of emergency communications, but the project also employed 15 people at various points of the project. The project has even allowed Kaniksu Networks to also hire an additional employee who will continue past the end of the project to support and install fiber service.

Work conducted in Clark Fork While not part of the original project goals, the availability of fiber will allow for Kaniksu Networks to add additional wireless infrastructure beyond city limits. It is estimated that beyond Clark Fork, up to 100 additional households will be able to connect to the internet.

With the completion of this project, residents have access to both affordable and fast broadband service, providing opportunities for residents to work, participate in remote learning and take advantage of telehealth opportunities from the comfort of their homes. The new speeds will allow residents to take advantage of job opportunities that were previously out of reach.

Finally, this project has generated economic and land development opportunities within the city, with reportedly several developers reaching out since the start of the project.

Learn more about the Idaho Broadband Grant Program here.

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