Think Big Festival Recap

By Carmen Achabal, IGEM Program Manager Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday a team from Idaho Commerce was thrilled to travel to Coeur d’Alene and participate in the 2nd Annual Think Big Festival. The Think Big Festival focuses on educating attendees about innovative technologies, specifically new robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, while exploring the ethical […]

Idaho Governor’s AgriTech Summit & Looking Forward

          Idaho Governor’s AgriTech Summit The first Idaho Governor’s AgriTech summit took place on June 16, 2015. The summit was borne out of the current landscape combined with the need to further grow and expand Idaho’s AgriTech industry. The goal of the summit was to provide a forum for Idaho’s agriculture, […]

The Current AgriTech Landscape

Idaho’s companies and universities didn’t have to wait for the state to become more involved before they started creating partnerships with one another. Both the agriculture and technology industries are forced to move at a staggering pace to keep up with demand, and we want to ensure we are fostering and supporting partnerships that are […]

Idaho’s Agricultural History

Idaho’s Agricultural History Nationally, we are in an era of agriculture that is more efficient and environmentally-conscious than ever before. In Idaho, agriculture has been the cornerstone of the economy and way of life for generations. Our farmers and ranchers produce far more food than could ever be consumed in the state. This creates tremendous […]

Supporting Idaho’s Emerging AgriTech Industry

Recently, Idaho has recognized an opportunity to assist an emerging, joint-venture effort in the state. AgriTech, or agricultural technology, is not a new concept. Idaho’s agriculture industry has continuously remained on the cutting-edge of new technologies in order to keep up with the growing demand to feed the world. However, we have identified an opportunity […]

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