Our technological expertise attracts a lot of attention—and Idaho’s research universities are responsible for much of this tech and science savvy. Our talented faculty and students constantly push boundaries to problem solve some of the region’s and world’s most pressing problems.

Idaho’s universities, business leaders, and other stakeholders see opportunities to strengthen Idaho’s economy if we push this tech know-how beyond the lab and into the private sector. A state program, the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, or IGEM, creates partnerships that do just that: It pairs private sector experts with research professionals to bring commercially viable technologies to market.

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It’s a win-win for Idaho’s economy. The IGEM initiative is creating new products, companies, and high—value jobs—and increasing the research capacity of Idaho’s universities in strategic areas.

In 2012, the newly formed IGEM awarded $5 million in state funds: $1 for start-up business grants to the Idaho Commerce, $2 million to the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, and $2 million to Idaho’s three research universities.

2014 IGEM Annual Report             2013 IGEM Annual Report