The Idaho Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG) assists Idaho cities and counties with the development of needed public infrastructure.

The program is administered by Idaho Commerce with funds received annually from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. ICDBG funds are used to construct projects that benefit low and moderate-income persons, help prevent or eliminate slum and blight conditions, or solve catastrophic health and safety threats in local areas.

Eligible Applicants

Only incorporated cities with a population under 50,000, or counties, are eligible to apply for ICDBG funds. Special service providers, such as fire districts, senior citizen centers, and water or sewer districts must be sponsored by a city or county.

Eligible Activities

  • Public Facilities Construction and Improvements

    Sewer and water systems, streets, fire stations, removal of architectural barriers, and other public infrastructure. Communities can extend infrastructure to public housing projects or assist homeowners with improvements. Applications are due annually in November.

  • Economic Development Projects

    Public facility construction and improvements that support companies who are expanding and creating new jobs or new companies that will be creating jobs. Applications are due quarterly: March, June, September and December.

  • Senior Citizen and Community Centers

    Rehabilitation, expansion and construction. Applications are due annually in March.

Application Deadlines

  • Public Facilities and Downtown Revitalization grant applications: Friday before Thanksgiving
  • Senior/Community Center Grant applications: First Friday of March
  • Job Creation grant applications: Third Monday of December, March, June and September

Additional Resources

Consolidated planning documents

Additional Information

Please address any questions you may have regarding the ICDBG application process to your regional staffer listed below. You may contact us through email or give us a call.

Contact the Idaho CDBG team at (208) 334-2470