Our team is here to help.

Idaho Tourism builds our economy by promoting Idaho as a visitor destination on a national and international level. The team uses strategic marketing and public relations to create awareness of Idaho’s attractions and foster sustainable growth.

The division also supports local non-profit and regional tourism development organizations through a competitive marketing grant program. Workshops, training, co-op marketing opportunities and assistance with marketing and public relations efforts are available to all tourism suppliers in Idaho.

Our $3 billion tourism industry plays a vital part in Idaho’s economy by providing over 45,800 direct jobs which generate $475 million in local, state and federal tax revenues.

Do you have questions about Idaho Tourism? Contact information for our team is listed below.


Matt Borud, Marketing and Innovation Administrator

Phone: (208) 287-0772
Email: matt.borud@commerce.idaho.gov

Diane Norton, Tourism Manager

Phone: (208) 287-0785
Email: diane.norton@tourism.idaho.gov
Staff Management, Idaho Travel Council, Marketing and Planning, Idaho Conference on Recreation, Scenic Byways/Roadsider, Film Office Queries, Region 2 Rep

Laurie McConnell, Senior Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 287-0781
Email: laurie.mcconnell@tourism.idaho.gov
Tourism Media Relations-Domestic, Domestic Media Missions, Industry Newsletter, Industry Brand Management, Region 1 Rep

Nancy Richardson, Senior Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 334-2470
Email: nancy.richardson@tourism.idaho.gov
International Tourism Marketing, Trade Shows, Media Relations, Publications, Brand USA collaboration, Region 3 & 6 Rep

Andrea Rayburn, Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 780-5140
Email: andrea.rayburn@tourism.idaho.gov
Content Development, Photo and Video Asset Development, Influencer Marketing and Campaign Collaboration, Campaign and Brand Management, Travel Guide, Lodging Listings, Region 5 Rep

Amy Alpers, Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 780-5153
Email: amy.alpers@tourism.idaho.gov
Domestic Motorcoach, Trade Shows, Culinary and Special Events (i.e. Craft Beer Month, Sponsorships, etc.),  Hospitality Training, Sales Collateral, Region 3 Rep

Cristin Wondergem, Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 287-3154
Email: cristin.wondergem@commerce.idaho.gov
Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Visual Assets, Production Guide, Consumer Newsletter, Region 7 Rep

Tina Caviness, Tourism Associate Analyst

Phone: (208) 780-5142
Email: tina.caviness@tourism.idaho.gov
Visit Idaho Travel Queries, Fulfillment Vendor Management, Bulk Publication Requests, Tourism Database Management, Kids/Roadsider Brochures, Statewide Event Calendar, ICORT Sponsorships, Film Office Queries, Itinerary Development, Region 4 Rep

Ewa Szewczyk, Grants and Contracts Manager

Phone: (208) 287-0784
Email: ewa.szewczyk@commerce.idaho.gov
Grant inquiries, applications and resources.