We’ll get through this together.

While many things remain unknown at this point, there is one thing we know for sure: Idahoans always come together to support each other and to share their pride for our beautiful state. This situation is no different. We will find our way forward together and welcome visitors to safely discover and enjoy all our state has to offer.

Idaho Tourism is working closely with state, industry and national partners to continually monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the travel industry. Given the evolving nature of the situation, we have gathered resources that will aid in tracking the situation, what it might mean for your business or community and opportunities to seek support. We’ll continue to update this page as more information and resources are received and developed.

State Resources

Travel Industry Resources

Travel and Tourism Business Considerations

  • Update any changes to your business operations on your website and social media channels.
  • Communicate changes to your customers, local city or county officials, chamber of commerce, downtown business association and industry associations.
  • Review and consider updating your cancellation, postponement and refund policies. Ensure changes are updated on your website and communicated to customer-facing staff.
  • Identify open, allowable, and safely accessible outdoor recreation and relaxation destinations in your area to share with guests/visitors.
  • Consider calling or sending emails to guests or groups planning trips in the next 90 days to communicate the above changes.
  • Lead with empathy and understanding when interacting with potential visitors or guests who need to change their plans.
  • Review industry economic modeling, surveys and insights to prepare your business.

Steps Idaho Tourism is Taking

Like you, we are watching COVID-19’s evolving impact on our industry. The slowing of travel, entertainment and meetings will have a direct effect on room tax collections. We are actively monitoring the latest data from economists and industry experts to understand what this situation means for Idaho’s destinations.

Many of you have asked how you should handle your existing marketing campaigns.

  • At the state level, Idaho Tourism has recently relaunched digital campaigns. Calls to action have been updated to focus on public safety and travel guide requests for future travel planning.
  • We encourage you to take similar measures to review all paid advertising campaigns and ensure your messaging is respectful of current health and safety concerns.
  • During this time, “hard sell” advertising, messaging and promotions will fall on deaf ears. Any messaging should be inspirational and supportive of the situation everyone across America and around the world is experiencing right now.
  • Review Madden Media’s COVID-19 Website Strategies.
  • Review the COVID-19 Travel Alert on VisitIdaho.org.

To keep Idaho top of mind and inspire future travel, Idaho Tourism is currently developing the following:

  • A public service announcement type video encouraging travelers to prioritize their health and safety and reminding them that Idaho will be waiting to welcome them when the time is right.
  • A variety of online activities, including downloadable and printable Idaho coloring and activity sheets, interactive videos and Zoom backgrounds. Each activity is designed to provide fun, lighthearted engagement to those looking to stay home and fill their time.
  • Videos and other supporting tactics for the VisitIdaho.org Backpack feature to help visitors begin dreaming and planning itineraries for when it is safe to travel to Idaho.
  • Social media posts that offer beautiful, relaxing photography with messages of support and “we’re all in this together”.

Talking Points

  • Monitor the State’s Coronavirus website and Idaho Rebounds website for the latest updates and details around Stages of Reopening.
  • Please encourage visitors to call ahead to any planned destinations or businesses to ensure they are open and operational. Please respect state and local guidance. We look forward to welcoming travelers again when the time is right.
  • We understand people’s desire to travel and enjoy Idaho’s great outdoors, however, please do so responsibly. Please review Recreate Responsibly Idaho for more information.
  • As the situation is constantly evolving, the public is encouraged to stay home as much as possible, exercise healthy habits and seek and heed the latest expert guidance from the CDC.

Fresh Air: Not Cancelled

  • We all know the healing and calming powers of fresh air. Idaho offers opportunities to responsibly explore and relax in the outdoors.
  • Idaho Parks remain open for day use, as do some municipal parks, trails, waterways and public lands across the state. Identify and amplify those aspects of your community where individuals have the space to safely roam and enjoy, and then share them — we all need stories, images and moments to make us smile.
  • Above all else, do no harm. Be sure to reference safe distances, healthy habits, and encourage the following of CDC guidance in any messaging. We look forward to welcoming all Idaho visitors again when the time is right!

Information contained on this page and linked pages is subject to change. All information, documents, and resource links provided by the Idaho Department of Commerce are for information purposes only. Please consult with your legal and financial advisors for recommendations specific to your business or organization.