We’re here to help Idaho businesses affected by COVID-19.

Stimulus Packages

Review the details of the American Rescue Plan Act and the December 2020 Stimulus Package.

COVID-19 Resources for Employers

On this page, you’ll find an outline of how the state can help you make it easier for your employees to get vaccinated, an example of communications to your employees to encourage them to choose to get the vaccine and other important information you may need.

Public Health Districts Information

Review Public Health Districts guidance.

Financial Assistance and Business Resources

Federal Resources for U.S. Small Businesses

The official federal resource website for U.S. small businesses affected by COVID-19 where you can view relevant federal agency resources, access the latest news, and search for a Small Business Advisor near you.

USDA COVID-19 Federal Resources

USDA and its Federal partners have programs that can be used to provide immediate and long-term assistance.

Idaho Department of Labor COVID-19 Resources

The Idaho Department of Labor is available to assist employers and workers through the impact of the coronavirus.

SBA Relief Options

For resources from the SBA on their current COVID-19 relief options.

Telecommunication and Internet Assistance Options

Assistance and resources from internet service providers and telecom companies across Idaho.

Idaho Travel Industry COVID-19 Resources

Resources and information for the Idaho travel and tourism industry.

Information contained on this page and linked pages is subject to change. All information, documents, and resource links provided by the Idaho Department of Commerce are for information purposes only. Please consult with your legal and financial advisors for recommendations specific to your business or organization.

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