A Proven Testing Ground to Launch Industry-Changing Technology

Shaped by Idaho’s innovation and multi-faceted expertise, the Autonomous Systems industry is expected to become an 89 billion dollar industry in the next 15 years. From the Idaho National Laboratory’s established facilities and leadership efforts in autonomous systems operations to the wide-ranging research and development capabilities of Idaho’s colleges and universities, Idaho has a legacy of contributing to this emerging field and the capabilities to further strengthen its role.

Autonomous Systems is also reshaping a number of Idaho services and industries. Public safety. Disaster response. Agriculture. Environmental monitoring. These are a few of the public and private benefits of autonomous systems already being put to use across the state.

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Where Opportunity Meets Expertise

The Idaho Autonomous Systems Center of Excellence (ASCE) is a partnership between the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES), Idaho Universities, and Idaho Department of Commerce in conjunction with private industry, to develop research, testing and development opportunities in Idaho. The ASCE will specialize in the following:

  • Data Science – Synthesize information from various data sets that is useful for the end user, either in real time or post processing.
  • Systems Engineering – Provide an entire system solution, from platform to sensor to data collection and analysis.
  • Sensor Platform Development – Provide sensor system validation onto a UAV platform, ensuring both operation of the sensor and proper work flow from start to finish.
  • Command and Control – Experience in autonomous navigation algorithms and architecture for land, air, and sea-based platforms, with the ability to develop autonomous actions based on sensor data. Experience in Frequency Spectrum Analysis along with a Wireless Test Bed National User Facility.
  • Policy and regulation – Experience in understanding and navigating federal policy and regulation that ensures all activities are performed within the Federal framework.

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Idaho is poised to lead the UAS industry into an exciting future, from developing the systems and technology to applying its benefits in a myriad of ways.

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