Documentary featuring Idaho’s vineyards and wineries


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Documentary featuring Idaho’s vineyards and wineries set to start filming

Peppershock Media, an Idaho-based company, announced plans to produce a film documenting the wine industry throughout Idaho’s three wine regions. The film will chronicle the history of the industry from the challenges of Idaho’s first vineyard planted in 1864 to the successes of the over 50 wineries now calling Idaho home. Filming is underway and the early enthusiasm and buzz has Peppershock Media President and CEO Rhea Allen excited about the project.

“The project is a result of collaboration from the Idaho Wine Commission, Idaho Department of Agriculture, the Idaho Commerce, division of Tourism, and businesses in the wine industry.” Said Allen, “Idaho’s wine industry is already getting national and international attention and it continues to improve every year. We just want to capture that story and share it with the rest of the world.”

"We are thrilled that Peppershock is producing a new film about the Idaho wine industry.” said Moya Shatz Dolsby, Executive Director of the Idaho Wine Commission. “The growth of wine in Idaho has been amazing in the last 10 years and we are thrilled for this film to share the Idaho story with more people."

“The Idaho wine regions have become quite a draw for visitors and the quality of wine being produced is attracting the attention of recent groups such as the International Food & Wine Travel Writers Association.” Said Jeffery Sayer, Director of the Idaho Department of Commerce. “We are pleased to support Peppershock in their efforts to tell the story of Idaho wine country and the talented people of who are making it happen.”

“The wine grape industry is a vital part of Idaho agriculture.” Said Celia Gould, Director of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. “Educating consumers within and outside of Idaho through this documentary will help build awareness and demand for Idaho wines as well as the nearly 180 other food and agriculture crops grown in the Gem state.”

The documentary is being filmed through May 2014 with plans to release the film to the public in July 2014. There are still many location to visit and stories to discover.

“We would like to invite members of the wine industry to contact us about other stories and locations to film.” Said Allen, “we want to tell Idaho’s wine story and that means filming southeastern Idaho, southwestern Idaho and northern Idaho.”

If you are a part of the wine industry or if you would like to contribute to the documentary, please call Peppershock Media President and CEO, Rhea Allen at (208) 461-5070 or email

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