It seems as though everyone is visiting Croatia right now, or knows someone who is. Our own construction and real estate reporter, Jennifer Gonzalez, just returned from three weeks traveling in and around Dubrovnik. My parents went sailing there in May. Even I’ve been to Croatia. The country in the former Yugoslavia spent decades, perhaps centuries, in relative obscurity. In 1990s, it was home to a brutal civil war. Now it’s on the hot list as a vacation spot. Last fall, the New York Times described Dubrovnik’s formerly quiet, medieval walled city as “gridlocked with tourists” during the summer. Visa says foreign tourism increased 8 percent from 2010 to 2011. Of course, tourism is a mixed blessing. Nobody enjoys gridlock, unless it’s a stoppage caused by customers thronging your place of business. Residents of such heavily visited cities as Chicago, Washington and San Francisco trade coping strategies for handling tourist traffic, most of them involving avoidance.

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